On Friday, January 29, Jason Kenney announced Alberta's reopening plan in regards to the current COVID-19 health measures in the province.

He noted that the easing of restrictions will be taking place in steps that will be dictated by "hospitalization benchmarks." 

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But this must be done carefully, slowly, and in a way that is driven not by opinions, but by data. Jason Kenney

Kenney said we are ready to move into Step 1 on February 8 as we have reached the 600 hospitalizations benchmark. 

This step includes eased restrictions for school sports and performances, restaurants, cafes, and pubs, and indoor fitness. 

Step 2 will come about when hospitalizations are below 450. This step will include retail, community halls, hotels, banquet halls, and conference centers. 

Next, Step 3 will take place when hospitalizations hit 300. This is when restrictions on places of worship, adult team sports, indoor social gatherings, indoor seated events, casinos, racing centers, bingo halls, libraries, museums, galleries, zoos, and interpretive centers will be relaxed. 

Finally, Step 4 includes performance activities, tradeshows, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, camps, amusement parks, outdoor sporting events, weddings, funerals, workplaces, and more.

Janson Kenney said that there needs to be three weeks between benchmarks before we move into the steps and that we can move back into previous steps if need be. 

If case numbers skyrocket, more restrictions can be expected.