Alberta Is Pausing Reopening In Order To 'Avoid A Third Wave'

"Our cases are rising and the spread is increasing," said Shandro.
Alberta Reopening Will Pause To 'Avoid A Third Wave'

On Monday, March 22, Health Minister Tyler Shandro delivered an update on COVID-19 and the Alberta reopening schedule. 

While the hospitalization benchmark to move into Step 3 of reopening has been hit, the province has decided not to move forward into Step 3, which would include allowing private indoor gatherings again. 

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"While hospitalizations are indeed below 300, they’ve risen in recent days," said Shandro, noting that there are currently 280 Albertans in the hospital with COVID-19. 

"This is a problem and a warning sign that we must take seriously," he continued, saying that health officials "expect to have 300 people in hospital most likely within a week."

He said that pausing the reopening is a safe, smart move that will help Alberta avoid a third wave of COVID-19.