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America’s Favourite Pizza In 2020 Was Actually Invented Right Here In Canada

It was 689% more popular than last year!

It appears Canadian cuisine is impressing our neighbours across the border! America’s favourite pizza in 2020 was just revealed and it was created right here in Canada.

This week, food delivery app GrubHub dropped its “Taste of 2020” report, which broke-down America’s most popular dishes of the year.

When it came to pizza, it seems Hawaiian was crowned the country’s “favourite” flavour, after it skyrocketed in popularity from January to November.

Even better, it’s a dish that’s believed to have been invented right here in Canada!

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689% More popular than last year

According to CTV News, the pizza combo was created by Greek-Canadian cook Sam Panopoulos at the Satellite Restaurant in Ontario, way back in 1962.

Panopoulos claimed the pizza’s name came from the brand of canned pineapple he used, after he decided the fruit would taste good with a tomato-y and meaty combination.

His claims have been disputed, though!

For those unfamiliar with the fan-favourite, it combines cheese, ham and pineapple on a tomato sauce base.

It’s a controversial choice that Gordon Ramsey has weighed in on in the past.

The controversy has even been used as part of a Canadian public health campaign.

Whether you like it or not, it’s clearly a popular choice — both internationally and at home!