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Argentina Made History By Legalizing Abortion & Parties Broke Out In The Street (VIDEO)

Women's rights activists have been fighting for this for years.
Argentina Made History By Legalizing Abortion & Parties Broke Out In The Street (VIDEO)

On the morning of Wednesday, December 30, Argentina made abortion legal after a 12-hour session in the country's Senate that led to 38 votes in favour and 29 against, with one senator abstaining from the vote. 

CBC News reported that the legalization will apply to abortions up to the 14th week of pregnancy or in extenuating cases, like in the case of rape or if a pregnant person's life is in danger.

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President Alberto Fernandez supported the bill. After the decision was final, he tweeted a message which said Argentina has become a better society today. 

According to UNILAD, reproductive rights activists in the country have been protesting for years to achieve this milestone.

Giant crowds filled the streets outside of the Palace of the Argentine National Congress while the overnight session took place, CNN reported.

Following the decision, the streets erupted with cheers and tears of joy. 

Under the new ruling, health professionals can refuse to participate in abortions, but they must refer pregnant patients to an alternative medical center if this is the case, according to CBC news. 

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