APD Just Introduced Their First-Ever Emotional Support Dog & She's A Bundle Of Joy (VIDEO)

Just look at how much happiness she brings🥺
Atlanta Police Department Emotional Support Dog Scout

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) just announced their newest addition to the team — Scout!

Scout is the department’s first-ever emotional support dog and she’ll be serving in the PAWS (Police Animal Wellness Support) Unit.

The 2-year-old Tennessee Mountain Cur mix was brought onto the team as a source of happiness during a challenging year. 

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According to the department, Scout provides therapy to both APD officers and civilians by relieving stress, curbing anxiety, and putting people in a better mood.

APD recognized in their video announcement that 2020 has been a hard year for everyone and that sometimes all we need is a four-legged friend to help us through.

You can see that Scout has done just that in the video as she goes from room to room putting a smile on everyone’s face.

In times of stress, we could all use a little puppy love and a wet kiss.

APD shared to stay tuned to their social media for more Scout adventures and updates on the expansion of the PAWS unit.

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