There's been a surge of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Georgia as testing becomes more widely available to everyone around the state.

While the City of Savannah took matters into their own hands with mask requirements, Governor Brian Kemp has yet to order a state-wide mask mandate, and health care workers around Georgia sent a letter with over 1,400 signatures to his office voicing their concern for the state's well-being.

You acknowledged that you are dealing with political considerations, but we urge you to rise above the political to make the health and safety of our citizens your foremost concern. Successful control of the virus will be your biggest political victory. 

Georgia Healthcare Workers Letter to Gov. Brian Kemp

The letter was sent yesterday, July 2, the same day that saw a record-breaking 3,472 new COVID-19 cases in The Peach State.

Within this letter, the health care workers suggest changes to key policies, which include a mandated mask requirement for the entire state, closing all bars/nightclubs again, as well as not allowing gatherings of more than 25 people.

"Georgia is simply not prepared for a surge in cases and hospitalizations," the letter stated. "You have the power to do much more to save lives and protect our citizens from avoidable illnesses."

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