If you've ever dreamt of joining Alice in Wonderland for her trippy adventures, you can get the next best thing in your own back yard. The eccentric Paradise Garden in Georgia is full of interactive art and obscure installations that are sure to fulfill your Mad Hatter dreams. It's easy to spend an entire day perusing through this artsy outdoor paradise with endless exhibits.

Paradise Garden in Summerville, GA is nothing short of jaw-dropping with countless works of art created by Howard Finster in the 1970s. This roadside gem exists for guests to wander through its abstract glory, but there is a lot of meaning behind its conception.

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Finster, an Alabama-born self-taught artist and former reverend, began building this outdoor "plant farm" museum dedicated to inventors through a collection of antiques, tools, and curios.

As he continued to expand the park with more displays, his work became focused on spirituality after he allegedly saw a face appear in the paint he applied to an up-cycled bicycle that told him to "paint sacred art."

Decades have passed and the gardens still remain a quirky and immersive icon in Northwest Georgia for all to explore.

You can channel your inner artist and ponder existentialism as you stroll through fields of antiques, rock formations, paintings, recycled glass, towers, and fascinating sculptures in this junkyard turned art show. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" definitely rings true here.

Some of the most alluring features you can explore include the "Mirror House," "Bible House," "Hubcap Tower," "Bicycle Tower," "Machine Gun Nest," and a five-story "Folk Art Chapel."

You'll catch a glimpse of some spooky faces here including abandoned dolls and statues, so it's the perfect outing for Halloween season.

You can even stay at Airbnbs on the property that are just as fun and spunky as this oddly enchanting garden, which also enables you to explore the garden after dark.

Located 1.5 hours from the city, this elusive spot deserves a slot on your weekend road trip list.

Paradise Garden

Price: $15

Address: 200 N. Lewis St., Summerville, GA

Why You Need To Go: Enter a magical wonderland full of reclaimed art for a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience.