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Roadside Attraction In Georgia The Rock Garden Is A Free Quirky Destination To Check Out

Let's be real, cool attractions you find on your vacation road trip are just as fun and important for getting your adventure started as the final destination. The Peach State is just one of those places that have both quirky and fun spots that are not only affordable, but also jaw-dropping. This roadside attraction in Georgia is free to visit and the creativity it took to create it might just blow your mind.

The Rock Garden in Calhoun, Georgia is the perfect stopping point to stretch your legs if you're traveling to Tennessee or Alabama.

Not only is it an actual garden with many flowers and greenery, but there are also over 50 unique miniature man-made structures crafted using rocks, glass, tiles, and more.

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This was all volunteer-built and it's tucked away behind a church so you could call it somewhat of a hidden gem.

Visitors will see mini recreations of homes, prestigious castles, churches, a monastery, and even a cathedral that was designed and modeled after the famous one in Notre Dame.

These little structures even have people figurines and animals to really bring the whole "town" together.

You and your friends can go on the self-guided tour for free, which is one of the best parts about this place.

It might feel like you're thousands of miles away and across the pond when you see all the European-inspired structures that inhabit this area. 

The sign that welcomes you to the garden explains that this is a place to meet with God and is a place of "joy and wonder."

As the saying goes, "look but don't touch," and that applies to this little gem of a spot as well. Take as many photos as you want to commemorate your time at this quirky little destination though. 

Fill that car up with gas, grab your favorite snacks and drinks, and head on your way because the summer adventures aren't over yet.

The Rock Garden

Price: Free

Address: 1411 Rome Rd. SW., Calhoun, GA

Why You Need To Go: This unique attraction has over 50 structures made out of pebbles, shells, stones, broken glass, and more. It's a place of peace and something you might not have experienced before, and you can enjoy it all for free!

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