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You Can Be Crowned Atlanta's 'Pho-King' If You Finish This Massive Noodle Challenge

You'll get a free "pho-king" shirt even if you fail!
So Ba Vietnamese Restaurant In Georgia Food Challenge Can Crown You The Pho King

When it comes to food challenges, The Peach State has a few that'll really put you to the test. There's just something about a literally mountain or sea of food that will draw ya in. One restaurant in Georgia's food challenge features a huge bowl of noods literally fit for a king, and only one person has ever conquered it so far.

So Ba is a Vietnamese joint in Atlanta that specializes in pho, com, and various bun dishes. They have a wide variety of spring and egg rolls to choose from too.

Locals know that this is the place for foodies to go if they've got a huge appetite and want to let that competitive side show — especially if you're up for The Pho-King Challenge, though not many can finish it.

To take on this mega bowl of pho, it'll run you $35, but if you somehow manage to complete it, you'll get all your money back plus a gift card and a shirt that says, "I'm a Pho King Champion." This is the ultimate test for you noodle lovers out there!

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So exactly how massive is this challenge? The bowl will equal out to about 3 large phos, totaling 96 oz of liquid and 20 oz of meat. You must eat everything in the bowl within an hour in order to win.

You can't get up to purge or use the bathroom at any point during the hour-long challenge, so you'll want to come prepared before you start digging in.

For those that don't complete the challenge, don't fear, you still get a prize. 

You'll get your own T-shirt that says "Pho-King Failure" and your failure picture on the restaurant's page, so you won't be going home with nothing.

[rebelmouse-image 25992819 photo_credit="So Ba Vietnamese Restaurant | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="540x720"] So Ba Vietnamese Restaurant | Facebook

If you're not so into the whole giant food challenge thing, the menu offers other great items to try as well while you watch your foodie friend trying to finish this monster bowl that's bigger than their head.

You can grab some tofu and veggie spring rolls, a bowl of steak pho, a grilled pork and eggroll bun, or even grilled pork chops on a bed of rice.

Whatever you choose to order here, you'll be getting authentic Vietnamese food that will take your tongue to another country and out of the city of Atlanta.

So Ba Vietnamese Pho-King Challenge

Price: 💸💸

Address: 560 Gresham Ave, Atlanta, GA

Why You Need To Go: You can try and conquer the Pho-King Challenge which is a huge bowl of pho you have to eat by yourself in an hour.

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