Georgia might take the cake when it comes to outdoor adventures and scenic hikes. If you're looking to add more adventures under your belt, heading over to the neighboring states might not be a bad idea. The Stephens Gap Cave trail in Alabama will take you through a lush forest and into a cave that'll make your jaw drop.

Stephens Gap Callahan Cave Preserve in Woodville, Alabama is too beautiful not to explore and totally worth hitting the road to go visit.

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You're looking at just shy of a three-hour road trip from Atlanta to find this hidden gem, so you can either take a day trip to this natural wonder or rent an affordable Airbnb for the weekend.

The approximately 2-mile trail will lead you into a nearly 150-foot-deep cave that will unlock your inner Tomb Raider, where you'll be met with unique rocky features and even a waterfall.

If you're an experienced cave-dweller, you can reach the inside of the caverns by repelling down with your own equipment, but if not just take the easier route, walking through the walk-in entrance.

To actually enter the cave though, you'll have to grab a permit, which is free. Registering online with the Southeastern Cave Conservancy (SCCi) is all you have to do and then you can head on your way.

The scenic trail that you'll hike before hitting the cave is just as much of a cool adventure as exploring the cave is.

The lush landscape during the summer and colorful fall foliage in autumn will mesmerize you with their beauty.

The photo-ops are just too hard to pass up once you get inside, with the star of the show going to the massive free-falling waterfall that glimmers from a natural rocky skylight. 

Can you say dream trip? Whether you go it alone or explore with your BFFs, this place is bucket list material.

Stephens Gap Cave 

Price: Free permit

Address: 8408 Co. Rd. 30, Woodville, AL

Why You Need To Go: Hiking to this deep cave is an adventure in itself. Once you get to the caverns, you can actually walk in and take tons of pictures and admire the beauty of stunning rock formations and a secret waterfall.

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