This Milkshake Is Only Available During The Holiday Season & It’s The Perfect Sweet Treat

'Tis the season for Christmas-themed desserts.

The Yard holiday-themed milkshakes. Right: A The Yard location.
Contributing Writer

The Yard holiday-themed milkshakes. Right: A The Yard location.

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There's nothing like seasonal treats to get you in the mood for some holiday vacations. Amidst all the themed pop-up bars in Atlanta, there are also local businesses that promote Christmas-related specialty items.

One of these spots is called The Yard, a milkshake boutique cafe with two locations in Atlanta.

After a day of holiday shopping, I stopped by The Yard in Buckhead, located in an upscale residential area with luxury apartment buildings, restaurants, and coffee shops.

The Yard offers several seasonal shakes: 'Tis The Season, which is marshmallow ice cream layered with chunks of Christmas Tree Cake and sugar sprinkles in a vanilla-iced jar rolled in a Christmas sprinkle mix, topped with heaps of whipped cream, and Peppermint Frozen Hot Chocolate, which made with peppermint moose tracks and chocolate ice cream with marshmallow drizzle in a chocolate-iced jar rolled with crushed peppermint with mini chocolate chips, layered with heaps of ice cream.

I opted for the 'Tis The Season milkshake, and it did not disappoint. The large version of the shake comes in a clear mason jar and is decorated with mini teddy graham cookies. The treat is definitely too big for one person and can probably be shared by at least three friends. Knowing my own limits, I opted for a smaller cup of the shake, which has less ornamentation but is equally as tasty.

The Atlanta shake bars are two of the 23 national locations of the fast-growing franchise, which was started by a couple who made their debut on Shark Tank in 2019. Since its appearance, the dessert shop's popularity has been growing.

The marshmallow ice cream with a chunk of cookie dough is enough for anyone needing an attitude adjustment during a stressful holiday season. I enjoyed my shake on my own, savoring every minty, sweet and decadent bite.

It may seem odd to crave a frozen milkshake during a colder-than-usual winter in Atlanta, but once you try one of these decadent concoctions, this may turn into a yearly pilgrimage.

Dana Shemesh
Contributing Writer