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This $54,500 Tiny House For Sale In Atlanta Is Actually Gorgeous Inside (PHOTOS)

Bigger doesn't always mean better, and if you're looking to buy a home in Atlanta, a tiny home might just be the perfect option to get around high rent prices and expensive houses. 

Homestead Tiny House Co. specializes in making tiny homes, and their Aspen design is just $54,500. 

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This tiny home is 280 square feet and can sleep up to five people. 

Tiny House ATL

It has not one, but two sleeping lofts, so you'll have a bed for yourself and for guests. 

Atlanta Tiny Home

It has a fully-equipped kitchen with sleek countertops and appliances. 

Atlanta Tiny Home

And a fully-functioning bathroom with a toilet and shower. 

Tiny Home Atlanta

It also has a seating area with a couch and a TV. 

Atlanta Tiny Home

 This tiny home can also come on wheels so it's off-the-grid ready. 

Tiny Home Atlanta

These photos go to show that tiny living can be both stylish and spacious. 

Atlanta Tiny Home

Aspen Tiny Home

Price: $54,500

Address: Marietta, GA

Description: A luxurious and chic tiny home that costs less than a mortgage.

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