A Mexican Woman Revealed The 'Best' Tacos In Austin & So Many Locals Are Agreeing With Her

"I can confirm! 100% abuela approved."

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Katia in a white shirt holding a taco. Right: A plate of tacos.

Katia in a white shirt holding a taco. Right: A plate of tacos.

Tacos are one of the most beloved dishes by Texans, and with so many iterations of them offered by local taquerias and restaurants, it can be hard to find "the best ones out there."

One Mexican woman living in Texas took it to her TikTok account to reveal her fave eatery in Austin in an effort to stop taco-spot "gatekeeping," and now people are joking that she's "saving lives."

Self-proclaimed Austin foodie Katia (@katiaisforever) thinks Cuantos Tacos, a tiny truck in central East Austin, has the best tacos you can find in the area.


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Tacos start at around $2.50 each, and quesadillas are about $7.50.

The truck serves up Mexico City-style tacos, which are normally only two to three bites, according to the menu. However, their fleeting chews full of carnitas or barbacoa are packed with memorable flavors that have people raving.

In just a week, Katia's recommendation received over 210,000 views with a load of comments from locals agreeing with her choice.

A few other Austinites went to the comment section of the woman's viral video to also suggest their own fave spots, like La Trancas and Oye Taquito.

The comment section on Katia's TikTok.The comment section on Katia's viral TikTok.katiaisforever | TikTok

"This was my first meal when I moved to Austin," a user wrote. "Every other taco place I try disappoints now."

Another user even said Cuantos Tacos bites could be better than the ones offered in Mexico.

“Omg, when I was in Austin, I tried this place, and it was to die for," a person shared in the comments. "Maybe even better than tacos I’ve had in Mexico."

The spot is enjoyed by people of all ages, not just Austin millennials, foodies, and TikTokers.

"I can confirm! 100% Abuela approved," a user chimed in Katia’s TikTok clip.

Cuantos Tacos

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Mexico City-Style Tacos

Address: 1108 E 12th St, Austin, TX 78702

Why You Need To Go: Austin locals are raving about and saying this spot has the best tacos around.


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Texas Staff Writer
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