I Ate Only Tacos For 48 Hours In Austin, TX & The Best One Was Only $2

The cheaper they were, the better they got.

Tacos and Lone Star beers in Austin, TX. Right: Maeve at the Austin airport in red boots.
Georgia Contributing Writer

Tacos and Lone Star beers in Austin, TX. Right: Maeve at the Austin airport in red boots.

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When the opportunity for a long weekend in Austin, TX presented itself, I knew that my itinerary would have to be food oriented. I went into my getaway with one clear goal: eat as much Tex-Mex as humanly possible.

My memories of growing up visiting Austin are tinged with the warm-fuzzy feeling you get right before drifting off into a food coma. Family vacations meant indulging in Torchy's queso until we were all too full to bicker.

On this trip, however, I honed in on my favorite staple food, the street taco. For two days out of my vacation, the taco had my undivided attention.

Here were the highlights:

Pelons Tex Mex — $15 

\u200bThe tacos from Pelons in Austin, TX.

The tacos from Pelons in Austin, TX.

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Our first stop after a long flight was Pelons Downtown. This joint was a little on the pricier side, but the service was incredible and the ambiance was rustic and lively.

The taco plate cost $15 for two tacos and was served with rice and beans. We opted to try the Carnitas and Carne Guisada.

The Carnitas served on a corn tortilla was my favorite. The pickled cabbage contrasted the fatty, savory pork perfectly and the poblano crema and jack cheese gave it a creamy element.

The Carne Guisada in my opinion was a bit boring. It came with lettuce, cheese and tomato and wasn't what I expected when I was ordering. It was more reminiscent of Taco Bell than a street taco.

Cenote — $10

After a lazy morning in, we made the walk in the Texas heat to Cenote, an eccentric and friendly coffee shop with a full breakfast and lunch menu.

Their Migas tacos are just $10 with fluffy eggs, soft corn tortillas, and filling cheese and avocado. They also serve prickly pear mimosas by the carafe which are perfect for Sunday brunch.

The tacos were filling without being overbearing. They're the perfect base for preparing for a long day on the town and the service there was fast with good Southern hospitality.

Salsa Limon — $4.25

\u200bTacos from Salsa Lim\u00f3n.

Tacos from Salsa Limón.

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After an afternoon of thrift shopping, we stopped by Salsa Limón to refuel.

The first thing that caught me was the exterior of the building. It looks nostalgic and is reminiscent of a vintage diner. I ordered a chorizo taco and an Asada at $4.25 each.

I loved the toppings as they were served the traditional street taco style with cilantro, onions, and fresh lime. A big highlight of this spot was the variety of house-made sauces. The jalapeño verde was perfect on top of the savory grilled meats.

Everything felt incredibly fresh, including double-layered corn tortillas which were shockingly soft, but sturdy for all the filling.

Little Plaza Taco Truck — $2

\u200bTacos from Little Plaza Taco Truck.

Tacos from Little Plaza Taco Truck.

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After a night on the town, we found ourselves in the glow of a taco cart on the street like moths to a flame.

The handwritten menu revealed you can get a taco from this joint for as cheap as $2. I ordered one simple bean and cheese taco, which I ate immediately, and two of my personal favorite, Al Pastor.

The bean and cheese taco was one of those meals that are so classic you can do no wrong with it. It was indulgent, filling, and perfectly textured. The Al Pastor was expertly seasoned, and the pineapple was sweet and fresh.

The fresh lime, chopped onion and cilantro were the perfect toppings to balance the handheld delicacy. Don't be fooled by the speed at which I devoured these, I savored every bite.

The Winner 

Honestly, I am not the least bit surprised that my favorite meal throughout the entirety of the trip was served through the window of a food truck.

Not only was Little Plaza Taco Truck the cheapest option, they also were the quickest and most flavorful.

The taco truck stays open until 2 a.m. throughout the week, serving street food to booze-soaked tourists and locals on Sixth Street with unmatched efficiency.

Next time I am in Austin, this will be my first stop.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
Maeve Browne is a Contributing Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on food and Internet trends and is based in Savannah, Georgia.