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An Olympic Athlete Used A Condom To Fix Her Kayak & Then Went On To Win Bronze

Not what you'd expect a condom to be used for!

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Jessica Fox, an Olympic athlete from Australia, had to get creative to fix her kayak while at the Games in Tokyo and she showed off exactly how it was done with a condom.

She posted a video on TikTok of the repair and said this is "how kayakers use condoms." First, a carbon mixture was put on the part of the boat that needed to be patched up and then the condom was placed over it for a "smooth finish."


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Approximately 160,000 condoms are being given to the athletes in Tokyo, but since the Olympians have been advised to avoid all physical contact with each other because of COVID-19, this might be the best way to use them.

Fox won bronze in the kayak slalom final on July 27 and posted a photo with her medal on Instagram. "I went through all the emotions today! Proud to win an Olympic bronze medal. It wasn't the perfect run I was chasing, but I really fought hard and gave it everything so I'm lucky and grateful to be on the podium," she said.

Fox won another medal on July 29, this time claiming gold in the women's canoe final.

Before the Olympics, there were posts all over social media that claimed the cardboard beds for athletes were "anti-sex beds" because they couldn't hold the weight of more than one person. The athletes, however, proved that wrong in a hilarious fashion once they got to Tokyo.

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