You Can Camp Overnight Right Next To This Emerald Lake In Alberta (PHOTOS)

These morning views are goals.
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Taylor Lake Has Camping Spots Right Next To A Massive Emerald Lake

There’s literally nothing better than waking up to the crisp morning air in a tent next to the water. The wonderful part is, we don’t have to travel across Canada to fulfill this fantasy. Taylor Lake in Alberta is the ultimate camping spot that'll have you waking up next to an emerald blue lake. It’s time to start packing your bags. Well, backpacks. You need to do a little bit of hiking.  

Hidden in the Rocky Mountains is a quaint little camping and hiking spot that needs to be added to that bucket list of yours. 

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Now that Alberta has been given the go-ahead to around the province and camp, you would be crazy not to take advantage. 

Taylor Lake is the perfect little place to get away from the crowds in Banff but still reap all the rewards of massive lakes, rolling mountain tops, and lush forestry. 

To get to Taylor Lake, you'll need to head towards Lake Louise. 

It's about 6.5 kilometres of hiking one way to get to your camping destination.

The trek is considered to be moderate in difficulty which is great considering you'll be lugging all your camping gear on your back. 

That being said, the trail is mostly uphill so be prepared to get in that cardio. 

You’ll know when you make it to the lake because the massive body of emerald water is hard to miss. 

Stop and take it all in because, for the duration of your stay, you'll be waking up next to it. 

There are five tent sites that are equipped with picnic tables, an outhouse, and enough surface to set up your complete camping experience. 

If you’re tenting, then the best time to go is in the summer. During the spring, the melted snow can make the ground pretty wet. 

Along with your essentials, consider bringing a fishing rod.

In the area, there are cutthroat trout to catch. Just be sure to have a fishing license. 

You may also want a floaty or two and definitely a bathing suit. There’s nothing better than waking up and instantly jumping in the inviting lake. 

O’Brien Lake is only about two kilometres away from the spot so if you’re looking for a fun day trip, then this could be it. 

Fair warning, you'll need to reserve your campsite on the Banff National Park reservation page.

All visitors camping at Taylor Lake will need a valid Park Pass which will vary in price depending on if you buy a day or annual pass. You will also need a backcountry permit which is $10.02 per person, per night. 

Reservation fees will cost around $11.50 if booked online or $13.50 if booked by phone. This fee is applied only once when you book your camping reservation. 

Camping availability changes all the time but according to an email sent to Narcity by Parks Canada, weekends tend to be the most booked with mid-week being the most open.  

With all this time spent indoors, you’re probably going stir crazy. 

Time to pack the car, get on a good pair of shoes, and hit the open road. You won’t regret it.

Taylor Lake

Address: Taylor Lake, Lake Louise, AB

Why You Need To Go: Skip the busy campsites and head to something a little more secluded. There's no shortage of things to do and the views alone are worth it. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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