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When it comes to travelling in Canada, there are so many places to check out including hotspots like Niagara Falls and Vancouver, but an Alberta town has been named as one of Canada's "most underrated" places.

The town of Banff was highlighted by Conde Nast Traveller as one of the country's underrated spots and it secured its spot with its vintage charm.

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An Alberta TikToker who shares her many adventures in the province on her account has revealed the best fall hikes to do in Alberta, with golden larches, stunning lakes, and mountain views.

Kirsten Holte, the TikToker behind the account @staywildwithkirst, told Narcity all of her favourite trails to hit up when the weather gets colder.

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Banff is home to some pretty stunning hikes year round, but when fall hits the province, it's the perfect time to head and see some of the gorgeous golden larches.

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Most people have an embarrassing tourist tale or two — whether it's something they've been guilty of themselves or something they've merely witnessed. But if it happened in Banff, there's a good chance some Albertan is roasting them about it right now.

A whole Reddit thread dedicated to embarrassing tourist stories in Banff popped up this week after someone took to the platform to explain a bizarre encounter they'd had with a solo hiker while on the Sawback Trail.

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Fall is fast-approaching and as the season is over in the blink of an eye in Alberta, it's time to start getting those trips to see the golden trees planned now.

Luckily, Alberta also has a ton of gorgeous glassy lakes surrounded by fall foliage that are just perfect for a road trip.

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