People Can't Drive To Alberta's Moraine Lake Anymore & Here's How To Get There Now

No more camping out in the parking lot!

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

If you've ever tried to drive up to Moraine Lake , you'll know the disappointment of being turned away before you can even see the stunning blue water.

However, Parks Canada has announced that personal vehicles won't be allowed to travel on Moraine Lake Road this year.

In a tweet, Banff National Park said Moraine Lake Road, which leads up to the lake shore, would be closed to personal vehicles year-round due to "safety concerns and negative experiences caused by 24-hour demand for parking."

While the road is usually closed to vehicles from October to May, drivers will no longer be able to drive and park at the lakeshore from June to September.

Visitors who want to visit Moraine Lake will need to book a Parks Canada shuttle, Roam Public Transit, or a Parks Canada-approved commercial transit operator instead.

The road will also be open to cyclists for the 25-kilometre round trip.

A spokesperson for Parks Canada told Narcity that flaggers were needed 24 hours a day at Moraine Lake Road in order to help manage demand for the parking lot last year, adding that the parking lot was almost constantly full.

Around 5,000 vehicles were turned away each day in 2022, compared to the 900 that were successfully able to park.

While traffic management was able to prevent congestion in the area, it also was a source of "significant frustration" for visitors as most people were turned away, Parks Canada said.

Using public transport options will mean visitors will be guaranteed a visit to the lake and improve their experience, as well as helping with wildlife movement and reducing emissions, it added.

However, if you've always dreamed of heading to Moraine Lake to see the sunrise , things are about to get trickier as Parks Canada shuttles and Roam Transit will not be operating earlier services.

So if you're keen on a sunrise visit, you'll need to look to other approved transit operators to get you there in time.

Parks Canada added that visitors with a parking placard for people with disabilities will be granted vehicle access to Moraine Lake on a "first come first served basis."

Charlie Hart
Charlie Hart was a Travel Creator for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Calgary, Alberta.