More Than 25% Of BC Locals Think The Province Would Be 'Better Off' As Its Own Country

Some feel more connected to American cities than they do with Canadian ones.
BC Separation: More Than 25% Of Locals Want BC To Be Its Own Country

A new survey shows that a significant number of B.C. locals don't feel all that Canadian. 

On Tuesday, August 4, Research Co. conducted an online survey, the results of which indicated that over a quarter of British Columbia residents would prefer a BC separation from Canada. 

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27% of respondents

Believed BC would be "better off" as its own country. 

This number has increased by 10% since the survey was last conducted in 2019. 

On top of that, nearly 60% of British Columbians surveyed said they have more in common with American Pacific cities such as Seattle or Portland than they do with Toronto or  Montreal. 

Whereas 25% of BC residents feel like they are "British Columbians first, and Canadians second."

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