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Beyoncé Shows Her Support For Meghan Markle Following Her Oprah Interview

Queen B thanked Markle for her "courage and leadership." đź‘‘
Beyoncé Shows Her Support For Meghan Markle Following Her Oprah Interview

The drama is still hot following Oprah Winfrey's interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, in which the couple fully disclosed what caused them to leave the royal family in 2020.

Friends of the Duchess of Sussex, including former costars and superstar athletes, rushed to her defense shortly after hearing what had caused her so much pain, and now another "royal" is showing their support.

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Beyoncé, aka Queen B, posted a quick message of support on her official website, featuring a picture of her and Markle at the premiere of The Lion King in 2019.

"Thank you Meghan for your courage and leadership. We are all strengthened and inspired by you," the post reads. 

Tennis star Serena Williams also released a message in support of the royal couple shortly after the interview, saying "I am so proud of you for being so brave. I know it is never easy. You are strong- both you and Harry."

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In a tweet on Monday, April 19, Employment and Social Development Canada reminded everybody that some benefits have recently been extended so that Canadians can get paid for even longer.

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This article contains content that might not be suitable for some readers.

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