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Birth Control Pills Are Being Recalled In Canada Due To 'Missing & Mispackaged Pills'

A batch of Linessa 21 birth control tablets "may contain pills in the wrong order."

Health Canada has shared details about a birth control pill recall in Canada, which impacts a batch of Linessa 21 prescription birth control tablets.

On June 19, the recall was issued by Aspen Pharmacare Canada Inc., because "packs may be missing pills, may contain more than one tablet in a blister pocket, and may contain pills in the wrong order."

CNW Group/Health Canada | Newswire

The recall explains that Linessa 21 packages contain 21 coloured pills, with each colour of pill containing a different amount of hormone. It's important to take the tablets in the proper order to prevent pregnancy, explains the notice.

"Missing a pill, taking a pill out of the proper order, or taking two pills at the same time could lead to undesired pregnancy and other side effects, including spotting and irregular bleeding," it adds.

If you think you may have a packet of the affected Linessa 21 birth control pills (DIN02272903, lot 200049, expiry 03/2023) then you should return them to your pharmacy for a replacement ASAP.

Packages that do not have missing or mispackaged pills do not need to be returned. Linessa 28 is not currently affected by this issue, per the recall.