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Here’s How You Can Support Anti-Racist Alberta Orgs Right Now

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Black Lives Matter Organizations In Alberta You Can Support In Solidarity

Swarms of Albertans have taken to the streets recently to voice their support of the Black Lives Matter movement. If you're wondering how you can help out, we have rounded up a list of Black Lives Matter organizations in Alberta. We've also included actions you can undertake to actively fight anti-black racism in the province. 

Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, protests against racism and police brutality have swept the world. 

On June 1, Calgarians took to the streets to make their voices heard as well, according to Global News.

More than 1500 people showed up in the peaceful march to City Hall and chants such as "say his name" and "black lives matter" could also be heard. 

Before the protest, the Calgary chapter of Black Lives Matter said, "Even though we're in Canada it doesn't mean racism doesn't exist," in an Instagram post. 

They told the public that this is the time for allies of the Black Lives Matter movement to show their support. They also noted that this is an important moment to remember the "indigenous lives that were lost to police brutality." 

Whether or not you want to protest, there are many options in Alberta to lend your support if you so wish to do so. 

For example, one organization you can support is Black Women United

Their mission is the protection and advancement of Black women and girls, as mentioned on the website. 

You can support through donations or sign up on their website to be a volunteer.

The donations go towards buying supplies for rallies, paying for the website, buying food for gatherings, and honorariums for speakers at their events, says their website.  

You can also support black women by getting in touch with local causes such as the Sexual Assault Centre For Women, Changing Together, and Women Building Futures, amongst many others.  

You can learn about the history of racism in Calgary by watching the documentary YYC Colours.

This is available for free on YouTube. It features over 100 interviews and tackles subjects like hate crimes, privilege, bigotry, to name a few. 

If you want to boost local black-owned businesses in the community, there is a directory available at AfroBiz.

Here, you can look up local businesses by the city. The Albertan cities included in the directory are Calgary, Edmonton, Brooks, Fort McMurray, and Red Deer. 

If you want to keep up with ongoing discussions about race and discrimination, there is a Calgary-based podcast called The Unlearning Channel that could be of use.

The Unlearning Channel's About page reads, "We’re unlearning white supremacy—one podcast at a time." You can find them on Spotify and SoundCloud. 

Future Ancestries Services Inc. was also founded in Calgary by Larissa Crawford. 

They have a platform featuring Indigenous, Black, racialized, disabled, young, and LGBTQ2S+ independent speakers, trainers, researchers, and artists available for hire, as mentioned on the website. 

Action Dignity is yet another Alberta-based organization aiming to address inequality and discrimination in the province.

They organize a whole bunch of initiatives including youth engagement, domestic violence prevention, and community change, amongst others. 

You can donate on their website directly or contact them personally to find out ways you can help. 

Finally, you can also make a difference by calling up local leaders and telling them what you think needs to be done regarding anti-black racism in Alberta. 

There are many ways to contribute to the Black Lives Matter initiative in Alberta. And it becomes a whole lot more simple when there are endless local organizations and channels for that exact reason. 

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