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It's not every day that someone can say they've experienced something biblical, but that's exactly what happened in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where a man was swallowed by a humpback whale.

According to the Cape Cod Times, Michael Packard went down to dive for lobsters on Friday, June 11, when he felt a massive shove and everything suddenly went black. Suddenly he realized he was inside the mouth of a whale.

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On Tuesday, April 9, a Saskatchewan court of appeals hearing states that a high ranking Fallen Saints gang member is trying to appeal his 18-year sentence for drugs and weapons charges. Justin Smith was originally convicted and sentenced in 2017 for a number of weapons and drug charges including possessing a large amount of fentanyl.

Now, Smith is attempting to appeal the sentence and reduce it to only 10 years. 

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Sometimes, you've just got to get away. There's no shame in admitting that you're getting tired of your surroundings. It's time to switch things up! Take a new route to work, order something new at your favorite restaurant or expand your musical tastes outside of your usual Spotify playlists.

Editor's Choice: 7 Cheap Winter Cabins In Ontario That You Can Rent For A Magical Weekend Getaway

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Boston is the city known for its good schools,energy, healthcare, sports and technology industries. This city is filled with talented, forward-thinking people who continue to take Boston to the next level. What’s also great about this city are the bloggers and influencers who bring out the fun and interesting sides of Boston.

In honor of Women’s History Month, BEL Monique magazine teamed up with Narcity to bring you 30 Women with Badass Jobs in Boston. Not only do many of them have great careers, but they’ve leverage their jobs and turn them into lucrative careers on social media.  From entrepreneurship to politics, these mavens contribute to the fabric of this great city and it’s only necessary to highlight these boss ladies.

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While Instagram used to just be a platform where people could post what they ate for breakfast that day, where they like to go for their morning run or what their outfit of the day was, it's completely transformed into something even bigger than that recently.

Instagram is no longer just a casual place to post photos, it's turned into a huge platform for businesses to expand and it can even be a business itself! It takes a lot of hard work but now being an 'Instagram influencer' is a popular job title.

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