Justin Trudeau Says There's A 'Concerning' New COVID-19 Variant From Brazil

Flight cancelations are being considered.
Justin Trudeau Says There's A 'Concerning' New COVID-19 Variant From Brazil

During the prime minister's public address on Friday, January 15, he mentioned a new Brazil COVID-19 variant which he called "concerning." 

Trudeau said that the federal government is constantly monitoring variants of COVID-19, including this new one out of Brazil. 

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We’re doing whatever it takes to protect Canadians, including looking at banning certain flights if necessary. Justin Trudeau

"Decisions must be based on public health guidance," he continued. 

"As always, our ministers are actively leaning in on this and talking with experts to reach a determination without delay."

He said that the government will be keeping Canadians informed about any new decisions that are made in this regard. 

According to CBC News, the U.K. will be banning arrivals from South America and Portugal as a precaution. 

While it is unclear if Canada will do the same, Trudeau did say that flight cancellations will be drawn upon "if necessary."

Later in the address, he added that the Canadian government is actively discouraging travel to protect Canadians from the virus and its variants that are emerging.