Calgary's Has 19 New Jaw-Dropping Murals & Here's Where You Can Find Them

Pics or it didn't happen. 😍
Calgary's Has 19 New Jaw-Dropping Murals & Here's Where You Can Find Them

Calgary just got a whole lot more colourful. Thanks to Calgary's Beltline Urban Murals Project (BUMP), the entire city is bursting with beautiful (and massive) artistic creations. A total of 19 Calgary murals will have been completed this year as part of the project and you need to see them all.

A group of local, national, and international artists have been busy transforming the city into a fascinating public art gallery, according to the news release posted by the organizers.

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The festival, YYC BUMP, also features guided tours, music in the park, "all day Graffiti Jams," and plenty of other activities.

It began on August 1 and will last until August 30, so if you want to take part in any of the scheduling, you need to move fast.

But don't worry, the murals are here to stay for good so you can check them out whenever you want.

Keep in mind that the weather's set to get soggy soon , so if you want to see them before things take a turn, sooner is better than later. It's also a lovely fall date idea if you are your boo love art.

According to YYC BUMP , the project began in 2017 to get Calgarians to engage with public art.

"We believe public art has an important role to play in building community, promoting dialogue and enriching our cultural landscape."

Here's where you can find the 19 new murals:

  • Michelle Hoogveld, 1331 16 Ave.,, S.W.
  • Elena Bushan, 1240 12 Ave., S.W.
  • Marcia Harris, 1520 6 St., S.W.
  • Toner, 1137 17 Ave., S.W.
  • Nathan Meguinis, 1320 1st St., S.E.
  • Adrianne Williams, 1520 6 St., S.W.
  • Ankh One, 340 10 Ave., S.W.
  • Nasarimba x Jill Stanton, 629 10 Ave., S.W.
  • Ola Volo, 610 17 Ave., S.W.
  • Doras, 1230 17 Ave., S.W.
  • Mono Sourcil, 119 12 Ave., S.W.
  • Kay Gallivan, 340 17 Ave., S.W.
  • Sarah Slaughter, 806 12 Ave., S.W.
  • Andrew Tavukciyan, 348 14 Ave., S.W.
  • Slugger Studio, 348 14 Ave., S.W.
  • Alfalfa, 823 10 Ave., S.W.
  • Sbuone, 1331 Macleod Tr. S.E.
  • Alex Kwong, 1518 7 St., S.W.
  • Derek Simmers, 340 10 Ave., S.W.

Artists named Astro and KWest were schedule to develop a mural this year but their projects have been postponed until 2021.

So far, 52 murals have been commissioned as part of the YYC BUMP since its inception in 2017.

If the photos look this vibrant, you can only imagine what they are like in real life.

Get your shoes on a take a tour around Calgary's amazing art scene . It's totally free, after all.


Price: Free

Address: Around Calgary

Why You Need To Go: Get artsy and get outside with a stunning tour around Calgary's newest public art pieces.