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Calgary's New Black Lives Matter Mural Has Been Scrapped Due To Alleged Racist Backlash

The installation of a new Calgary Black Lives Matter mural has been put on hold due to "safety concerns."

Pink Flamingo, a black and LGBTQ+ run organization, has been given $120,000 to set up four anti-racism murals across the city, according to CBC News. Their proposed location for one of the murals received so much backlash that they've decided to scrap the idea. 

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The vitriol that has been produced due to the type of information that's been disseminated through articles has been incredibly, without mincing words, quite racist and quite violent towards us.

Allison Dunne

The proposed location is home to an existing mural, Giving Wings To A Dream. The artist of this mural, Doug Driediger, explained that the art displayed is supposed to represent diversity and multiculturalism. 

Dunne said that there have been "legitimate" concerns brought up by members of the public who don't want the original mural to be replaced. 

Dunne also said, "as an organization, we have received numerous threats." She said she plans to report these threats to the authorities. 

Via CBC's The Calgary Eyeopener 

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