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Surfers In BC Accidentally Found A Dog In A Cave That Has Been Missing For 3 Months

The dog went missing back in May.
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Through complete chance, two surfers just found a dog in B.C. that had gone missing months ago, on Saturday, May 2. 

The Times Colonist reported that Zach Regan and Matt Johnson were out in a boat on Saturday, August 8, when they saw a pair of legs in a cave at Magdalena Point near the Juan de Fuca Trail. 

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She was so skinny, bones sticking out.

Matt Johnson 

After realizing it was a dog, Johnson put on his wetsuit and paddled over to the cave on his surfboard only to discover the skinny dog, who looked as though it had been trapped for a while. 

After coaxing the dog over, the two paddled back to the boat on the surfboard and got in contact with ROAM, which is a non-profit that aims at connecting missing pets to their owners. 

The dog, Stella, has since been reunited with her Sooke family and as soon as she saw her mom and dad, it was an instant reunion. 

Via Times Colonist

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