What is your favourite colour? If red is your ultimate hue, then we have an adventure for you. Chances are you've heard of the famous Grand Canyon near Las Vegas, but did you know we have our own mini-version in Canada? Alberta's Red Rock Canyon is the most colourful hike you've ever seen.

It is a must-visit spot in Waterton Lakes National Park just a three-hour drive from Calgary, close to the Montana border.

While the area might not be as large as the natural wonder near Las Vegas, it is still stunning. Here you'll find iron-rich stones with a brilliant colour ranging from garnet to brick.

If that wasn't dazzling enough, the rock alternates between red and white stripes, just like our national flag.

Even if the idea of going for a hike leaves you feeling exhausted, then fear not. You can defeat this easy trek. The flat loop trail is a mere 0.6 kilometres long and starts right next to the parking lot.

From start to finish, it will take less time than your average podcast episode, roughly 20 minutes.

But once you begin, you'll want to stay much longer as there is so much to see. Around you, there will be mountain peaks and blooming wildflowers next to your feet.

The path will take you along the edge of the canyon and over a bridge. While on the bridge, make sure to stop for an incredible photo opportunity of the deepest area.

Through the center, you'll also spot a creek with mini cascading falls. The bright blue against the ruby rocks is a striking contrast.

Many guests like to walk into the canyon and soak their feet in the cool water next to the mini cascading falls.

But make sure to be cautious if you do. The smooth wet stones can be very slippery.

Without question, it is time you plan a day trip here with your friends.

Red Rock Canyon

Address: AB-5, Waterton Park, AB

Why You Need To Go: It is a short walk to an epic red canyon.

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