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Canadian Cop Is Guilty Of Assault 3 Years After Violently Taking Down A Young Black Woman

A video of the aggressive scene went viral a couple of months ago.
Canadian Cop Is Guilty Of Assault 3 Years After Violently Taking Down A Young Black Woman

On December 13, 2017, a Calgary police officer slammed a woman into the ground of the station's arrest processing unit. The woman, Dalia Kafi, who was 26 at the time, was pulled over and arrested for breaching her court-ordered curfew. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

According to The Guardian, Constable Alex Dunn was found guilty of assault causing bodily harm in Calgary on Thursday, December 10.

A video of the assault went viral in 2020. Apparently, Dunn attempted to remove Kafi's scarf. When she dodged him twice, he threw her face-first into the ground causing a broken nose and stitches. 

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"I feel great about today's news," Dalia Kafi told CBC News after the verdict was announced. She said that she wants no other woman to go through what she did. "I'm somebody's daughter and I'm also a human being," she said. 

The defendant, Const. Dunn, put forth an argument that Kafi grabbed his wrist while cuffed and that he acted in defence. 

The judge ultimately rejected his claim and said that is not shown in the video and that it looks like he simply lost his temper. 

An officer who witnessed the violent scene back in 2017 said it was the "worst use of force" that he had ever seen. 

Dunn is scheduled to be sentenced on December 17. According to The Guardian, Dunn's lawyer says his client is likely to appeal the verdict citing "significant concerns" over the judge's handling of the case. 

An internal investigation is underway within the Calgary Police Service that could lead to the dismissal of Const. Dunn. 

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