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Alberta RCMP Officer Defends Hate Groups Who Crashed An Anti-Racism Protest (VIDEO)

People cheered for him.

In a recent interview, a Ponoka RCMP officer defended the actions of hate groups that disrupted a peaceful anti-racism rally in Alberta over the weekend. The comment was made during an interview with CityNews on Monday, September 14 following an announcement that the RCMP would be investigating the violence.

In the video, you can hear the officer asking the interviewer if she was suggesting one side's voice is more important than the others. 

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He followed up with, "we let everybody say what they need to say as peacefully as they can and uh, that's how this country works."

According to the post, two people she believed were connected to the hate groups in Alberta celebrated his response to her question.

CityNews claims that RCMP didn't take action on the violence that went down at the anti-racism rally until the media brought the issue to light.

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