A man in California punched a 350-pound bear last week after it attacked his dog, Buddy, on the day before Thanksgiving.

The bear attack happened when the dog was playing outside and his owner, Kaleb Benham, heard grunting and growling. He rushed outside, ran straight into the bear, and started punching it until it let go of his dog.

Buddy was rushed to a Nevada County vet and is doing okay now, but the saga continues with this bear, as Benham cannot figure out how to make it go away — it has returned several times since the attack.

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Honestly, the only thing I could think of was 'save my baby.’ Kaleb Benham

A video was posted on Twitter showing Buddy wearing a cone, as his injuries are described in detail (and be warned, they are graphic details).

Thankfully, Buddy is expected to make a complete recovery but the photos of him are extremely heartbreaking to see.

Some Twitter users are asking companies like Chewy to send Buddy some things to help him feel better, like a doggie neck pillow as a replacement for that neck cone.

Bears are common in Grass Valley but are not usually known to attack dogs. We wish Buddy a swift recovery.