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This Official New Site Lets You Check Exactly How Risky Your Next Social Gathering Will Be

Indoors, outdoors, masked or not, this site has the answers.

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Can I Gather With Friends? This Site Shows You The Risk

Anyone who has been asking, "Can I gather with friends?" or wondering how risky it is to hang out with other people, now has a new site to answer their questions.

On June 25, the Public Health Agency of Canada revealed the My COVID-19 Visit Risk Calculator, a new risk assessment tool that can help Canadians make decisions about going out safely.

You have to answer a bunch of questions about your next hang out, including about your vaccination status, the number of people that will be getting together, whether it's indoors or outdoors and more.

After you submit your answers, you'll get a personalized report to help you understand what the risk is for the gathering, which can range from low to moderate to high to very high. Also, you'll get tips on how you can make your gathering safer.

When it comes to Canada's gathering rules, they differ from province to province. Ontario will allow outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people and indoor gatherings of up to five people on June 30 while Alberta is actually easing all public health restrictions on July 1.

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