Ontario is set to enter step two of its reopening framework next week, which means there will be new rules for how many people you can hang out with and where.

According to the provincial government, the new guidelines, which will come into effect on June 30, allow outdoor social gatherings of up to 25 people, an increase from the limit of 10 in step one.

On top of that, indoor gathers will finally be allowed again. However, you can only hang out with a maximum of five people if you want to throw an indoor dinner party.

These aren't the only gathering rules that have changed. Patio dining at restaurants will increase from four people per table to six.

On top of this, indoor wedding and personal care services will also be allowed to operate at 25% capacity.

Booking an outdoor workout session will also become a little easier, with classes capped at the number of people who can socially distance at 3 metres, opposed to only 10 people in step one.