Alberta Is Officially Lifting Public Health Measures On July 1 & Going 'Back To Normal'

"We did it. You did it!" said Jason Kenney.

Alberta Is Officially Lifting Public Health Measures On July 1 & Going 'Back To Normal'

On Friday, June 18, Premier Jason Kenney announced that the final stage of Alberta's reopening plan will kick off on July 1, 2021.

"Yesterday Alberta officially surpassed the 70% vaccination threshold to trigger Stage 3," Kenney said. The province needed to hit this threshold by Thursday and just managed to sneak over the line, with 70.2% of Albertans having received their first dose of a vaccine.

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"On July 1, [...] Alberta's public health measures will be lifted and our lives will get back to normal," Kenney continued. "I never doubted Albertans, I never doubted that we would reach this milestone together."

"We'll still ask people to use good judgement," Kenney added.

What Will Change?

In Alberta's third stage of reopening, all public health measures will be lifted, apart from some regulations for quarantining if you test positive for COVID-19 and some rules for continuing care facilities.

Jason Kenney listed some things that Albertans can look forward to when Stage 3 begins. "Couples who have been putting off their weddings for over a year can now plan for a memorable celebration. Small business owners are now reopening their doors and hiring new staff. Fitness instructors are moving back into their studios. Zoom-wary employees and heading back to their offices, and people of faith are returning back to their congregations, worshipping and fellowshipping together."

He said that "the end of this terrible time is just two weeks away."

He concluded by asking Albertans to mark the date on the calendar. "On July 1, Alberta isn't just open for summer, but I believe we'll be open for good."