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Canada Is Getting A New Dime & It's The Most Colourful One Ever Made (PHOTO)

The coin commemorates the Bluenose's 100th anniversary and it's in circulation now!

Canada Is Getting A New Dime & It's The Most Colourful One Ever Made (PHOTO)

Keep an eye on your change because Canada is getting a brand new dime and it's so colourful!

For the first time since Bluenose — a ship with the title "Queen of the North Atlantic Fishing Fleet" — appeared on Canada's 10 cent coin in 1937, the Royal Canadian Mint has redesigned its image to celebrate the ship's 100th anniversary.

Royal Canadian Mint | CNW Group

This is the first time in Canadian history that the dime has been colourful. It features a swatch of different shades of blue underneath Bluenose to represent the North Atlantic waters it sailed on.

In total, 6 million coloured versions and 9 million uncoloured versions of this redesigned dime will be in circulation as of October 22, so you could spot the new coin in your change pretty soon!

Back in September, the Mint also launched another colourful coin. The new loonie was made to commemorate the Klondike Gold Rush, with 2 million coloured versions and 1 million uncoloured versions of the coin going into circulation.

The festive season is about to get a little more magical thanks to this seriously cool Christmassy coin that has two designs on one face.

The Royal Canadian Mint's 50-cent coin features the CP Holiday Train, and when you tilt it, the train transitions from daytime to nighttime, complete with its traditional cheerful lights.

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