So Many Young Canadians Lost Their Jobs Last Year & 2 Cities Got Hit The Hardest

Young people lost their jobs way more than the rest of the population.
Canada Job Loss 2020: Young People Got Hit The Hardest

New data shows how Canada's job loss in 2020 has impacted different age groups in the biggest cities. 

Across the board, statistics from the Government of Canada show that the pandemic has hit young Canadians the hardest when it comes to unemployment and financial burden. 

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[rebelmouse-image 26009456 photo_credit="Government of Canada" expand=1 original_size="692x270"] Government of Canada

This is the same for people in lower-paid industries, such as accommodation and food service, where younger people tend to make up most of the workforce. 

Between November 2019 and 2020, employment was the worst among people aged 15 to 24. 

The highest level of unemployment in this age group was in Edmonton, followed closely behind by Vancouver. 

Employment went down by 24.1% in Edmonton for people ages 15 to 24, by 8.4% for people aged 25 to 44, and it actually increased by 2.3% for people between the ages of 45 and 64. 

The city where young people lost the least jobs was Montreal, followed closely by Ottawa.

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