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Over 250K Canadians Lost Their Jobs In January Alone & Most Of Them lived In 2 Provinces

Job loss was main in "industries affected by new public health measures."
Canadian Employment Numbers Plummeted In January & Most Job Loss Was In 2 Provinces

New data from Statistics Canada shows just how much Canadian employment went down in the month of January 2021 alone. 

According to the report, employment fell by 213,000. This number accounts for both losses and gains, providing a look at the decline of employment numbers even with increases in some provinces. 

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251,000 Job losses in Ontario and Quebec in January. 

According to the report, the people that lost their jobs were mostly part-time employees in the retail sector. 

Other industries that were heavily impacted were food services and information, culture and recreation

These were the "industries most affected by new and continuing public health restrictions." 

While Quebec and Ontario had imposed curfews and strict health measures respectively, their workforce took a serious hit.

Meanwhile, employment rose in other provinces including Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and P.E.I.

In December, employment in Canada declined by 53,000 which is just a fraction of the numbers we're seeing from January. 

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