Canada's COVID-19 Cases Are On The Rise In Multiple Provinces & The Graphs Are Wild

That's a big old spike, Manitoba!
Canada's COVID-19 Cases Are On The Rise In Multiple Provinces & The Graphs Are Wild
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It can only go up from here? Canada hopes not! For several months, the government has been keeping track of the active COVID-19 cases in Canada on their website. To help visualize these figures, they’ve provided graphs that show the changing statistics in each province. As numbers steadily rise in some regions, the charts are becoming increasingly unflattened.

With updates coming from most provinces on a daily basis, it can be hard to comprehend exactly how the figures are changing. 

To help Canadians break down the statistics in each region, the Government of Canada shares graphs on their website, showing exactly how the numbers are developing across the country. 

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As many lockdown restrictions continue to ease-off, it seems some regions are struggling to control climbing novel coronavirus cases.

While some places, like Nunavut, have shown no change in their numbers since March, provinces like Alberta, B.C. and Manitoba have seen sharp spikes in their COVID-19 figures.

In fact, B.C. just had the largest single-day jump in the province so far, and recorded 236 new cases between August 14 and August 17.

Ontario also experienced a surge this week, reporting 125 new cases on August 18. 

If you've been wondering about the situation in each of Canada's provinces and territories right now, look no further. 


On August 17, Alberta’s top doctor confirmed 285 new cases of COVID-19 between Friday and Sunday, as well as three more deaths.

This means there are now 1,132 active cases within the province, and 224 people have died.

An increase has also been spotted in Edmonton recently. As of Monday, the city had 534 active cases, a rate of 52.3 per 100,000 people.

British Columbia

The graph detailing B.C.’s COVID-19 figures is pretty striking, as it shows a steady uptick in recent weeks.

On August 17, the province confirmed a record-breaking single-day increase, prompting officials to plan a serious crackdown in the region.

Between August 14 and August 17, 236 new cases were recorded.


As of August 17, 38 new people were confirmed to have novel coronavirus in Manitoba, taking the province’s total number of active cases to 232.

In July, the province had just one positive patient.

Acknowledging the changing figures, Manitoba’s top doctor explained, “We knew that we weren’t done with this virus."

"We had that nice stretch [...] but we knew we were in a pandemic and that was not going to be in store for our future,” he added.

New Brunswick

On Monday, New Brunswick reported no new instances of COVID-19, and announced plans to further ease some social distancing rules.

The province has 13 active cases right now, and has been reporting mostly single-figure increases since July.

Newfoundland and Labrador

There continue to be positive signs in Newfoundland and Labrador. The region has not reported a single new case since August 10.

There are currently two people with COVID-19 in the province.

Nova Scotia

On August 17, one person in Nova Scotia was confirmed to have COVID-19.

That said, the province has not recorded more than three new positive patients per day since mid-May, and regularly reports 0 as their daily statistic.

There are four active cases.


While there have been positive signs that the curve is flattening in Ontario, the province saw a spike on August 18.

On Tuesday, Ontario's Minister of Health confirmed 125 new cases, a considerable uptick after a recent downward trend.

A considerable number of those newly diagnosed are from Toronto and Windsor.

Prince Edward Island

On August 18, P.E.I. confirmed three new cases of COVID-19.

All of those diagnosed were confirmed to be essential workers in the same industry, and they all travelled from outside of Canada.


Despite having the highest number of total COVID-19 patients in all of Canada, Quebec has been reporting comparatively low numbers for several days.

Monday, August 17, was the fifth consecutive day that the province declared under 100 new cases in one day.


After reporting only a small number of COVID-19 patients in early-July, Saskatchewan's daily statistics have generally remained in double-figures, reaching 30 new cases on August 14.

On August 17 the region reported just one new patient, the lowest single-day total since July 7.

Northwest Territories, Nunavut & Yukon

While the situation in both Nunavut and the Northwest Territories remains unchanged, there have been minor climbs in Yukon.

At the beginning of August, daily case numbers reached three per day in the region, before dropping back down to just one new patient on August 17.

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