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The Feds Are Making It More Difficult To Get A Gun License In Canada

"No child should be caught in the crossfire," Trudeau said.

Justin Trudeau and the federal government are changing Canada's gun control laws to beef up background check requirements.

At a June 22 press conference, Trudeau announced that as of July 7, Canadians applying for a firearm license will now have to undergo a background check that covers their entire life, not just the past five years.

"In the last few days alone, we've seen heartbreaking gun violence in some of our cities," Trudeau said, likely referring to a shooting in Toronto that injured three children.

Trudeau also said his government would be legally forcing gun retailers to keep records of all the guns they've sold — restricted or not — and strengthening oversight on gun transportation.

"No child should be caught in the crossfire. No community should be torn apart by tragedy," Trudeau said. "It has to stop."