So Many People Are Actually Exempt From Canada's Quarantine Rules & This Is Why

They aren't required to isolate for two weeks upon arrival. ✈️🇨🇦
Canada's Quarantine Rules Actually Have Quite A Lot Of Exemptions & This Is Why
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Although Canada’s quarantine rules are pretty strict, lots of people are actually exempt from following them upon arrival.

Generally, anybody entering the country is required to quarantine for two weeks, with air passengers also having to complete a mandatory hotel stay.

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There are strict requirements you must follow even if you are exempt from quarantine. Government of Canada

However, there are some exceptions to this rule, particularly for those who provide essential services to Canada.

According to the federal government’s official travel advice, you won’t be asked to quarantine if you’re an essential worker, if you require urgent medical care, if you’re crossing the border to work or if you live in an integrated trans-border community.

This includes those entering the country to provide medical support to others and those transporting or collecting essential medical equipment.

It also includes “a person or any person in a class of persons whom the Chief Public Health Officer determines will provide an essential service.”

This refers to travellers in the transport sector, like truck drivers and crew members on aircrafts, as well as emergency service providers, like firefighters and paramedics.

Also exempt are eligible government officials, both from within Canada and abroad, and members of the Canadian Forces who are entering the country to perform duties.

There are several other exemptions listed, including those under “special circumstances,” like high-performance athletes in some cases.

While many people on this list don’t have to quarantine for two weeks, officials say they must still wear a mask at all times in public spaces and maintain a list of all their close contacts during their first 14 days in Canada.

In addition, although they’re exempt from the federal Quarantine Act, they may still have to follow provincial and territorial restrictions.

Following an update to Canada’s travel rules, all travellers are required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to entering the country.

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