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The First CAF Member To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine Dose Says He Feels ‘Honoured’

His job role made him a top priority for the vaccine!
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COVID-19 Vaccine In Canada Was Given To The First CAF Member & He Says He's 'Honoured'

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in Canada has reached the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

In a statement shared on January 21, the CAF confirmed that their first member had been vaccinated and was “feeling really great.”

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I was very excited to be the first Canadian Armed Forces member to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Private Connor Doucette

Private Connor Doucette was one of the first people prioritized in the CAF for the vaccine due to his role in a clinical setting.

Per the release, Doucette is a medical technician with 2 Field Ambulance Petawawa and he received the vaccine from the initial CAF allotment as a result of his Priority 1 designation.

He’s not the only one, either!

Various CAF bases have now started to administer COVID-19 vaccine doses to Priority 1 personnel, including those who are frontline healthcare providers and those who have underlying health conditions that may make them vulnerable.

Speaking one week after receiving the Moderna shot, Private Doucette described being “honoured” by the process. 

“I was very excited to be the first Canadian Armed Forces member to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and am honoured to be in a position to give hope to those around me,” he said.

He continued, “I am feeling really great! I had a bit of soreness in my arm at the site of the injection, but nothing other than that.”

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