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Justin Trudeau's Take On The Bernie Sanders Meme Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

He's hopping on the trend with a warning to Canadians.

It seems even the Prime Minister can't resist a meme-able moment! Justin Trudeau's Bernie Sanders meme is part of the viral trend right now and he's using it as a warning to Canadians.

In the post on January 23rd, the PM posted a picture of the US politician sitting in his iconic inauguration pose on the porch of Rideau Cottage while Trudeau gives a press conference. 

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He referenced another hilarious moment in his caption too, mentioning the recent incident when his son appeared in the window during one of his other conferences. 

"It was one thing when my son crashed my press conference a month or so ago, but this... Now is not the time to travel. Stay home - and by that, I mean your own home," the PM wrote. 

Leave it to Trudeau to turn this meme into a warning about non-essential travel right now. 

Other notable Canadians have been jumping on the Bernie Sanders train too, from Ryan Reynolds putting him with Deadpool to Sanders showing up in a Schitt's Creek scene. 

The politician went viral for his choice of attire at the U.S. inauguration on January 20.