Trudeau Says To 'Cancel' Any Trips You Have Planned, Even Within Canada

Don't be planning any new trips, either!
Canada Travel Rules: Trudeau Says To 'Cancel' Any Planned Trips, Even Within Canada

Justin Trudeau addressed the public on Friday, January 22, to provide a COVID-19 update to Canada. 

While the prime minister didn't issue any formal updates to Canada's travel rules, he did tell everyone to cancel any trips abroad they may have planned and even discouraged domestic travel

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It’s obvious that we should avoid trips south and out of the country, but remember, across the country, people are being told to stay home. Justin Trudeau 

"So, if you were thinking of travelling across the country for spring break, now’s not the time," he continued. 

He said that Canadians need to "hold tight for the next few months" so we can get through to spring and mass vaccinations "in the best shape possible."

As spring break approaches, Trudeau says that people should not be travelling for the break, instead, he says "people need to hunker down, stay home, make sure we kill this second wave." 

The prime minister has continually discouraged non-essential travel for any reason. 

There is no formal travel ban in place, but Trudeau says this is not the time for trips.