On Tuesday, January 19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke about the supply of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada

He said that even with "Pfizer’s global supply issues," the country is still on track in terms of distribution. 

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We have the plan Canada needs to get you and your family vaccinated as soon as possible and deal with any roadblocks that come up in our way. Justin Trudeau

"For example, Pfizer’s global supply issues are not ideal, but that’s why we were so ambitious in the large numbers of contracts we signed and doses we secured," he continued.

Trudeau said that the Canadian Government is in contact with Pfizer every day and that "this situation with the Pfizer delay is temporary."

He assured that the country's vaccination objectives from January to March are not changing. 

"The total number of doses committed to us is still the same, with every Canadian who wants to get vaccinated able to get vaccinated by September," said Trudeau. 

Other politicians such as Jason Kenney have expressed concern about Pfizer's supply issues and said that he is disappointed that Canada is being impacted when Europe apparently is not. 

At present, the prime minister says that distribution is business as usual and these issues will not last.