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Doug Ford Says 'The Least' That Joe Biden Can Do Is Give Canada A Million Vaccine Doses

"You've got a hundred million down there," Ford said at a press conference.

Doug Ford said he was "very angry" at Canada's lack of vaccines and directly asked President-elect Joe Biden to help his northern neighbours solve the problem at a press conference today

After news broke that Canada's next Pfizer shipment is getting deferred for a week, Ford told the USA's incoming president that he needed to give Canada a hand if he wants the two countries to have a good relationship.

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My American friends, help us out. We need help once again. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

This morning, Major-General Dany Fortin, Vice-President of logistics and operations at the Public Health Agency of Canada, told reporters at a press conference that Canada was expecting "a significant decline in Pfizer supply over the next three weeks."

Ford said he was angered by the news, and said he didn't understand why Canada was affected by the vaccine delay.

"Other people are getting [the vaccines], the European Union is getting them. Why not Canada?" Ford asked. "There's a Pfizer plant six hours [away] in Kalamazoo, Michigan."

Next, he directly addressed President-elect Joe Biden, who gets sworn in as President on Wednesday, and he said "the least" Biden could do is give Canada a million vaccine doses.

"Give your great neighbour, that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with you, a million vaccines to keep us going and get us over the hump," Ford said. "That's what we'd love to see off the President."

"Help out your neighbour. You want us all to get along, hunky-dory, kumbaya? I'm asking for your help," Ford said.

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