Bernie Sanders' Inauguration Fit Became An Instant Meme & Stole The Show (PHOTOS)

Bernie, drop the mitten website.
Bernie Sanders Joe Biden Inauguration Outfit

Bernie Sanders showed up to Joe Biden's Inauguration ceremony in an outfit that we'd all wear, especially in the Washington D.C. cold. 

Sanders was spotted in the crowd at the swearing-in ceremony fully prepared for the freezing weather — as a Vermont native would be — rocking a casual winter coat and a pair of knit mittens. 

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His extremely relatable look became an instant meme on Twitter. 

Honestly, he looked like he stepped out of the house to run some errands and made a pit stop at the inauguration. 

Or like he was sitting on the sidelines of a freezing winter sports game. 

SO many people loved his mittens. 

And others created hilarious photo comparisons. 

We have a feeling this pic will be used for MANY memes to come.