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Justin Trudeau's Kid Totally Photobombed His Press Conference Today (PHOTOS)

Media briefings from different levels of government are all important, informative and, at times, entertaining. Sometimes it's Horacio Arruda talking about how to flatten the curve, and other times one of Justin Trudeau's kids is photobombing his press conference. 

the surprise appearance took place during the press briefing on Friday, November 27, in front of Rideau Cottage in Ottawa. 

CBC reporter Rosemary Barton realized, for a brief moment, that a second person was in the frame.

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It seems that one of Justin Trudeau's children made a point of greeting Canadians, who have been listening to their father's daily briefings since March.

While Barton suggested this was Hadrien, it is hard to tell exactly which of the prime minister's kids decided to make a surprise appearance.

We first see a small hand in the right window of the main entrance of the residence, followed by a quick peak outside.

We have to say that this small moment was enough to make us smile, something that feels pretty good during the pandemic.

Prime Minister Trudeau discussed the distribution of vaccines from coast to coast. He said a majority of the population could be vaccinated by September 2021.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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