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Justin Trudeau's Announcement Was Just Photobombed By A Squirrel & It's Chaotic AF (VIDEO)

Justin Trudeau's campaign announcement got a little chaotic on Tuesday when a skittish squirrel with a snack totally photobombed his speech.

Speaking from Ottawa, the prime minister attempted to lay out his party's promise to invest in funding for mental health support across Canada. However, just minutes into Trudeau's statement, a red squirrel appears with a snack, running across the fence in the background.

The critter then runs back and forth across the fence multiple times, even doing some fancy footwork (like he's showing off!) on multiple occasions. For a little while, the animal perches and almost appears to listen to the PM talking, before continuing his post-to-post sprint.

When the crowd applauds one of Trudeau's comments, the squirrel quickly disappears into nearby trees.

The whole thing didn't go unnoticed, either. CTV National News journalist Glen McGregor captured the entire squirrel show on camera and shared the chaotic scenes via Twitter.

It's not the first time one of Trudeau's press conferences has been crashed. During one of his COVID-19 updates, the prime minister had to fend off a pesky wasp; in another, his own kid made a sneaky appearance. He was also once interrupted by a case of hiccups.

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