Celebrities Are Hopping On The Bernie Sanders Meme Train & It's So Canadian

We don't remember Bernie being in Schitt's Creek!
Celebrities Are Hopping On The Bernie Sanders Meme Train & It's So Canadian

Only Bernie Sanders could make a U.S inauguration ceremony all about him and become a worldwide meme sensation in mere seconds. 

He is officially the first meme of the Biden presidency and he has his adorable cozy knit mittens to thank. Now, he's got some very famous Canadians ready to join his fandom.

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It all started when Sanders was photographed chilling in his folding chair before the inauguration ceremony, legs crossed and sporting thick mittens.

The man was minding his own business, completely unaware of what he was in for.

Still, Canadian celebrities joined in on the fun by hopping on the meme train and posting their version of the coveted meme.

Ryan Reynolds took to his Instagram to hilariously share an image of himself as his Deadpool character sitting beside Sanders, who is seemingly listening in on whatever the red suit-wearing superhero had to share.  

Then Schitt's Creek's official Instagram page shared an equally funny image of Sanders in the town sitting on a bench that has realtor Ray Butani's face stuck to it.  

Keeping with the bench trend, The Arkells took part in the laughs by having an original photo of two of its members sitting from across each other and cleverly photoshopping Sanders in the center.

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