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Is everything ok, Canada? Because we were just named among the saddest and most anxious citizens in the world.

It looks like our home and native land ranked in the top five spots with adults reporting stress, anxiety and sadness during the global pandemic, according to Lenstore's Global State of Health 2021 report.

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#3 Ranking as the saddest and most anxious nation in the world

The report was driven by research on mental health and statistics from regions all over the world.

It's with this information that the report concluded that Canada was the third country in the world in which citizens struggled the most with their mental health.

It found that 26% of Canadians "reported stress, anxiety or great sadness during COVID-19."

The U.S took the number one spot with 33% of adults. The United Kingdom followed close behind at number two with the same statistic as Canada but a different ranking.

"2020 has proven to be an extremely tough year for many people’s mental health and well-being. Stress, anxiety and overall sadness are all mental health concerns that need attention to help support those in need," the report read.

France, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Netherlands and Norway all joined the list too.

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